Nutrition Myth : One Size Fits All



One-size-fits-all is fine when it comes to clothing,

but not when it comes to your health.

You are a bio-individual. Just as your fingerprints are unique to you, your biology is unlike anyone else. What works for someone else may be detrimental for you. Your genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, habits, relationships, etc all make you a unique individual, which is obvious…but then why would we assume that a protocol that works for one person’s health journey would work for another’s?

On my own health journey, it feels like I’ve tried every diet, protocol, supplement that SHOULD have worked for my symptoms…but nothing did or it had the opposite effect. Have you ever had a similar experience? I’m what many would call a “tough case” and I’ve had lots of doctors and practitioners shrug their shoulders at me. I’ve learned firsthand the importance of individual biology.

As you move forward on your health journey, searching for the best solutions for you, it’s important to note that:



trends do not respect your bio-individuality!

There are so many bloggers, self-proclaimed “influencers” (*eyeroll*), health coaches, fitness gurus, etc out there sharing an abundance of nutrition-related information…much of it conflicting and generic. It’s overwhelming!

There are so many voices saying, “This is the very best diet,” or “This supplement will change your life.” Our personal stories are powerful, but when we try to push or guide others toward that same solution, we do them a disservice. On top of that, most of the people pushing a diet, lifestyle, supplement, essential oil, etc are SELLING you a product!!

So, how do you sort through the noise and find what works for you??

Here are a few tips:

1.      Be careful who you listen to. Just because someone read an article or had a personal experience does NOT mean they know what they’re talking about and does NOT mean that advice will work for you. Ask yourself…what is their education and background? Are they pushing a certain specific way of eating or thinking, or are they committed to helping you find what works for your body?

 2.      Guard your heart, mind and wallet. So many “influencers” out there are glorified salesman. They may have the best intentions, but money talks, and when they start repping a packaged protein bar with 24g of sugar and suggesting it as a legitimate meal replacement option, be very wary.

3.      Find a practitioner who can help you sort through the noise and determine the best protocol for you…who you are…where you’re at…taking your experiences, background and biology into account. Someone who will help you uncover and address your ROOT CAUSE and address, rather than just throwing supplements at you to see if something works. Find someone who will stick with you on the journey and discover the right protocol for you and only you!


As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I am trained to create bio-individual protocols for my clients. That means we look at your root causes, your symptoms, your nutrition, your habits, your lifestyle, and we create a protocol based on that. Your protocol will not look like anyone else’s! Working with an NTP, like me, means you have a friend on the health journey. I am invested in your health, not just selling you supplements and sending you on your way.

If you are interested in diving into your health and having someone beside you to help you sort through the noise and gain clarity on your journey, please feel free to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with me! Let’s talk and see how I can help!